We offer a wide selection of accessories designed to clean all interior surfaces, floorings, carpets, furnishings and window treatments. Also ideal for garages, vehicles, campers and more!

We carry several hose management and quick-clean products that can be used to customize your system to bring the power of your central vacuum to where you need it most.

Whole-House Cleaning
Chameleon® is the quickest and most convenient way to clean your home. No need to lug around a heavy portable vacuum or bulky hose. When installed in a central location, one Chameleon valve can cover up to 2,200 sq. ft! Just Pull. Vacuum. Retract.

Foyers & Mudrooms
Spot® is a great option to install in a foyer or mudroom to quickly vacuum tracked in dirt, dust, leaves and more! It's concealed on your wall until you need it.

Craft Areas & Hobby Workshops
Spot and Vroom® are both great options depending on the space. Vroom can be mounted in a standard cabinet for up to 24' of reach or Spot can be installed concealed in the wall for up to 15' of reach! No need to track down a broom and dustpan, just reach for the hose, clean the mess and the hose retracts back out of sight!

Vroom Retract Vac® brings the speed and convenience of central vacuum cleaning to your garage for both quick clean-ups and more thorough vacuum jobs. No tangled extension cords, tipped over utility vacs or storage space needed! Up to 50' of hose is stored inside the vacuum tubing and is right there on the wall when you need it!

Vroom is an ideal companion for any kitchen! Installs easily in a standard cabinet, provides up to 24' of vacuum reach and is great for all of the uh-oh messes AND is a perfect addition to your more thorough weekly cleaning!

Vroom and Spot are both great additions to any bathroom. Both are concealed whether in the cabinet or wall until you need them! Vroom offers a smaller 18' version to fit in bathroom vanities or Spot is a great choice in smaller bathrooms or half-baths with pedestal sinks.

Laundry Rooms
Spot is the most common quick-clean choice for laundry rooms due to the ability to mount it right next to your dryer to vacuum away lint or dry detergent messes in a snap! Frequently, laundry rooms double as pet areas and Spot is also great for dry food or litter messes. And, we even carry pet grooming brushes that attach right to the end of the hose to brush and vacuum up the loose hair from both cats and dogs!

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